dracena plant Care & Growing Guide

dracena plant Care & Growing Guide

In the event you’re searching for a placing, easy-to-care-for houseplant, the dracena plant is a good possibility. Often known as the corn plant or dragon tree, this standard indoor plant can develop as much as 6 ft tall and has lengthy, strappy leaves. Whereas it’s tolerant of low mild circumstances, the dracena plant prefers vibrant, oblique daylight. Preserve studying for the whole lot you have to learn about how you can look after a dracena plant.

About dracena plant

Dracaena is a genus of about 120 species of bushes and succulent crops. The bulk are native to Africa, with a number of in southern Asia and one within the West Indies. They’re characterised by their lengthy, stiff leaves and sometimes colourful flowers. Many species are used as decorative crops, each indoors and out.

Dracaena is a well-liked houseplant as a result of it’s straightforward to look after and tolerates neglect. It prefers vibrant oblique mild however can tolerate low mild circumstances. Water when the soil is dry to the contact and fertilize month-to-month throughout the rising season. Dracaena might be propagated from stem cuttings taken from new progress.

The way to look after a dracena plant

Dracaena, or dragon bushes, are standard houseplants as a result of they’re straightforward to look after and make a dramatic assertion in any room. These tropical crops can develop as much as 50 ft tall of their native habitat, however most houseplant varieties solely attain 3-4 ft tall.

Dracaenas are slow-growing crops, so that they don’t want a lot fertilizer. Actually, an excessive amount of fertilizer can injury the roots and trigger the leaves to drop off. Fertilize dracaenas each two to a few months with a balanced houseplant fertilizer diluted by half.

Water is one other necessary think about dracaena care. These crops wish to be saved moist, however not soggy. Permit the highest inch of soil to dry out between waterings. In case your plant begins to drop its decrease leaves, it’s in all probability getting an excessive amount of water. However, if the leaves flip brown and crispy, it’s time to offer your plant a superb drink.

Dracaenas are additionally delicate to fluoride and chlorine, so it’s necessary to make use of filtered or distilled water when watering these crops. In the event you can’t filter or distill your water, let it sit out in a single day earlier than utilizing it in your plant.

Most dracaenas choose vibrant oblique daylight, though some varieties can tolerate low mild circumstances. In case your plant begins to lose its colour or develop lengthy stems between leaves, it’s not getting sufficient mild. Transfer it to a brighter spot out of direct daylight.

Lastly, dracaenas are prone to mealybugs and spider mites – two frequent houseplant pests that may do severe injury if left unchecked

Watering a dracena plant

Dracaena crops are stunning, easy-to-care-for houseplants that may brighten any indoor area. Although they’re tolerant of a variety of watering circumstances, they may thrive and look their finest in case you comply with a number of easy pointers when watering them.

Listed here are some suggestions for watering your dracaena plant:

1. Water your plant deeply, however much less ceaselessly. Dracaena crops choose to be saved on the dry facet, so it is best to water them totally after which permit the soil to dry out utterly earlier than watering once more. This sometimes means watering as soon as each 7-10 days throughout the rising season (spring and summer season), and each 2-3 weeks throughout the dormant season (fall and winter).

2. Keep away from getting water on the leaves of your plant. Dracaena leaves are delicate to water and may develop brown spots and even rot in the event that they keep too moist for too lengthy. So be sure you direct the water on the base of the plant quite than onto the leaves.

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3. Use room temperature water. Chilly water can shock your plant and trigger leaf drop, so it is best to make use of room temperature or lukewarm water when watering your dracaena.

4. Let extra water drain away freely. Make sure to empty any saucers or catch basins after watering in order that your plant is not sitting in stagnant water which might result in root rot.

Daylight Necessities of a dracena plant

Dracaena, also called dragon bushes, are a preferred kind of houseplant. They’re recognized for his or her placing look and ease of care. Whereas dracaenas can tolerate low mild circumstances, they may develop finest in vibrant, oblique daylight.

If you’re desirous about including a dracaena to your property, it is very important take into account the plant’s mild necessities. On this article, we are going to focus on the daylight wants of dracaena crops and how you can present the correct quantity of sunshine for optimum progress.

Dracaenas are native to tropical and subtropical areas of Africa, Asia, and Madagascar. These areas obtain vibrant oblique daylight all through the day. As houseplants, dracaenas needs to be grown in related circumstances.

The best location for a dracaena plant is close to a window that receives vibrant oblique daylight throughout the day. If potential, rotate the plant repeatedly so that every one sides of the plant obtain an equal quantity of sunshine. This can assist forestall the plant from turning into lopsided or leggy over time.

Whereas dracaenas can tolerate low-light circumstances, they won’t thrive in these circumstances. If your property doesn’t obtain sufficient pure mild to assist a dracaena plant, it’s possible you’ll must complement with synthetic lighting reminiscent of fluorescent bulbs or develop lights

Correct Temperature for a dracena plant

Dracaena crops are standard houseplants as a result of they’re comparatively straightforward to look after. They will tolerate a variety of temperatures, however they like heat circumstances.

The best temperature for a dracaena plant is between 65 and 75 levels Fahrenheit. If the temperature drops under 60 levels, the leaves will begin to flip brown and drop off. If it will get a lot hotter than 75 levels, the leaves will begin to flip yellow.

In the event you can’t present these splendid circumstances, don’t fear – your plant will nonetheless do advantageous so long as you don’t let it get too chilly or too sizzling. Simply remember that it could not look its finest if the temperature isn’t excellent.

Fertilizing Your dracena plant

Dracaena, or dragon bushes, are a preferred kind of houseplant. They’re straightforward to look after and may tolerate low mild circumstances. With regards to fertilizing your dracaena plant, you don’t must do it fairly often. As soon as each month or two is ample.

Once you do fertilize your plant, use a balanced fertilizer that accommodates each nitrogen and phosphorus. These vitamins are important for wholesome progress. Apply the fertilizer in response to the bundle instructions. Ensure to not over-fertilize, as this may injury the roots and result in unhealthy progress.

Propagating dracena plant

Dracaena crops are a number of the best houseplants to propagate. They are often propagated by stem cuttings or by division. I’ll go over each strategies so you may select the one that’s finest for you and your plant.

Stem Cuttings:

To propagate dracaena by stem cuttings, begin by reducing a 4-6 inch piece off of a wholesome department. Make it possible for the piece you chop has at the least 2-3 leaves on it. Reduce just under a leaf node (the purpose on the stem the place leaves are connected). Take away any decrease leaves from the reducing so that you’ve a naked stem to work with.

Dip the lower finish of the stem into rooting hormone powder or gel (this step is optionally available however will assist encourage roots to kind). Place the reducing in a pot crammed with moistened potting combine. Make sure to agency up the combination across the base of the reducing in order that it doesn’t fall over. Water nicely and place in a vibrant spot however out of direct daylight. Keep watch over the soil and water as wanted to maintain it moist however not soggy. Roots ought to kind inside 4-8 weeks at which period you may start watering much less ceaselessly. As soon as roots have shaped and new progress seems, you may transplant your new plant into its personal pot if desired.

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Dracaenas can be propagated by way of division after they grow to be too giant for his or her pots or if you wish to create extra crops from an current one. Begin by rigorously eradicating your plant from its pot and loosening any tightly compacted roots along with your fingers or a small hand instrument reminiscent of a trowel. Gently pull your plant aside into smaller sections ensuring every part has a number of wholesome roots connected in addition to some inexperienced foliage (leaves and/or stems). You may then replant every part into its personal particular person pot crammed with recent potting combine

Widespread Issues With dracena plant

In the event you’re desirous about including a dracena plant to your property, there are some things it’s best to know. Whereas these crops are usually straightforward to look after, they’ll generally expertise issues. Listed here are a number of the commonest points it’s possible you’ll encounter along with your dracena plant:

Leaf drop: One of the frequent issues with dracena crops is leaf drop. This may be brought on by a number of elements, together with an excessive amount of or too little water, incorrect mild publicity, or pests. In the event you discover your plant beginning to lose leaves, examine the soil to see if it is dry or moist. If it is dry, water it extra ceaselessly; if it is moist, scale back watering. Additionally, be sure your plant is getting sufficient mild – however not an excessive amount of direct daylight. If all else fails, attempt treating for pests reminiscent of spider mites or mealybugs.

Yellowing leaves: One other frequent difficulty with dracenas is yellowing leaves. This can be brought on by a number of elements together with over- or under-watering, incorrect mild publicity (an excessive amount of direct daylight can scorch the leaves), or nutrient deficiencies. Examine your plant rigorously to attempt to decide the reason for the yellowing leaves and take corrective motion accordingly. For instance, in case you suppose your plant is not getting sufficient water, improve watering frequency; in case you suppose it is getting an excessive amount of solar, transfer it to a shadier spot; and in case you suspect a nutrient deficiency, feed your plant with a balanced fertilizer in response to bundle instructions.

Brown suggestions: Brown tips about dracaena leaves are often brought on by both an excessive amount of fluoride within the water (if utilizing faucet water) or low humidity ranges (particularly in winter when indoor heating programs are operating). To right brown suggestions as a result of fluoride toxicity, begin utilizing distilled or filtered water on your plant; to right brown suggestions as a result of low humidity ranges

The way to look after a dracena plant

In the event you’re searching for a low-maintenance houseplant, the dracena is a good possibility. These crops are recognized for his or her potential to thrive in a variety of circumstances, making them splendid for newbie plant mother and father. This is the whole lot you have to learn about caring for a dracena plant.

Dracaenas take pleasure in vibrant, oblique mild and may tolerate decrease mild ranges than many different houseplants. In case your dracena is positioned in too darkish of a spot, it would doubtless begin to lose its vibrant colour and develop leggy progress. However, if positioned in an excessive amount of direct daylight, the leaves might develop brown scorch marks.

One of many greatest errors individuals make when caring for a dracena is overwatering. These crops do not like moist ft and can begin to present indicators of stress (drooping leaves, yellowing foliage) in the event that they’re saved too moist. Permit the highest inch or so of soil to dry out earlier than watering once more. Water much less ceaselessly throughout the winter months when progress slows down.

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Fertilizing Dracaenas usually are not heavy feeders and do not require frequent fertilization. As soon as each month or two needs to be ample. Use a balanced fertilizer diluted to half power and apply it throughout the plant’s rising season (spring by way of summer season). Keep away from fertilizing throughout the fall and winter when progress slows down.

Pruning Dracenas might be pruned at any time to manage their dimension or form. Merely use sharp pruning shears to take away any undesirable progress. Brown leaves can be eliminated as wanted – merely lower them off on the base of the plant the place they meet the stem


Are dracena plant straightforward to look after?

Dracaena crops are a number of the best houseplants to look after. They’re very tolerant of neglect and may survive in a variety of circumstances. Crucial factor to recollect when caring for a dracaena plant is to by no means let the soil dry out utterly. These crops choose to be saved on the drier facet, so solely water them when the highest inch or two of soil is dry.

What crops are just like dracena plant

There are a number of various kinds of crops which have related traits to the dracena plant. A few of these crops embrace the snake plant, zebra plant, and spider plant. These crops all have lengthy, slender leaves which can be usually variegated or striped. Additionally they are usually robust and drought-resistant, making them splendid for individuals who don’t desire to spend so much of time caring for his or her crops.

How lengthy dracena plant dwell?

Dracaena crops are recognized for his or her lengthy life span. Actually, some species of dracaena can dwell as much as 100 years! Nonetheless, the typical lifespan of a dracaena plant is 20-30 years.

There are numerous elements that have an effect on how lengthy your dracena plant will dwell. One of the necessary is the care you give it. In the event you present your plant with correct diet, water, and light-weight, will probably be extra more likely to attain its full potential lifespan. One other necessary issue is the surroundings wherein the plant is saved. If the temperature and humidity ranges are too excessive or low, this may shorten the plant’s life span.

So, in case you’re questioning how lengthy your dracena plant will dwell, there isn’t any definitive reply. However with correct care, you may assist be certain that your plant has a protracted and wholesome life!

How Quick do dracena plant Develop?

Dracaena, or dragon bushes, are standard houseplants as a result of they’re straightforward to look after and have placing foliage. They will vary in dimension from small tabletop crops to giant ground crops, and they are often present in quite a lot of colours together with inexperienced, yellow, crimson, and purple.

So how briskly do dracaena develop? It depends upon the species and the rising circumstances, however most dracaena develop comparatively slowly. Some species can take as much as 10 years to achieve their full peak, whereas others might solely develop a number of inches per 12 months. In the event you’re searching for a fast-growing plant, dracaena might be not your best option.

Are dracena plant Protected or Poisonous for People or Pets ?

Dracaena crops are secure for people and pets. Nonetheless, the sap of the plant might be irritating to the pores and skin and eyes, so it’s best to keep away from contact with it. In the event you do come into contact with the sap, wash the world with cleaning soap and water. The plant can also be toxic if ingested, so preserve it out of attain of kids and pets.


In the event you’re searching for an easy-to-care-for houseplant, the dracena plant is a good possibility. With its lengthy, strappy leaves and vibrant colours, it is positive so as to add some life to your property. Plus, it is comparatively low upkeep – all you have to do is water it repeatedly and preserve it in a vibrant spot. So in case you’re searching for a plant that may brighten up your property and is straightforward to look after, the dracena plant is a good alternative.

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